Thursday, November 01, 2007

Day 1...This is easy!

The photo today is from last night. This is one I took of CatsnJoe before they started playing at Mr Browns. They were dressed up for Halloween as well as the staff and some people watching. CatsNJoe (this is a link to their MySpace) are hard rocking garage band good for a party night like Halloween. Below is a photo to show a little more how the whole stage area was done up for Halloween. Silvia (the lead singer and fidizanta of Luca) is very animated when she sings. She's like a boxer that's nice a friendly outside of the ring but once the bell sounds. Look out.

Day 1 is easy because of the Ognissanti holiday. Most businesses are closed so there isn't much to do. All the Italians are going to the cemetery to pay they respects to relatives that have passed away. I thought about going over there as I'm sure that would be some good photos with all the flowers but I woke up to thunder and lightening so going over just to see what's going on doesn't seem like a good idea. Although as I write this it's being to lighten up so maybe I will take a stroll around town.


Anonymous said...

Jeffo - good luck in your quest to blog daily...perhaps we will meet your challenge///;-)


amanda said...

Go to it Jeff, only 29 days to go!! Love the freaky cat photo.

Roam2Rome said...

...the spooky celebrations continue! Tomorrow is all soul's day, right?

Hopefully by day 20something you (we all, actually) still say "this is easy" :)

a domani!

Jeff Gromen said...

I would be happy if you guys blogged once a month!!!!

Yeah it suddenly doesn't seem so easy.

I believe so. I don't see anything going today though.