Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day 3 Mama Roots

So last night THE thing to do was go to the concert of Mama Roots at the Big Ben. Mama Roots is a local reggae band that never fails to please the Brindisinos. I still remember the first time I saw them at an outdoor concert in Sava. I’m not a big reggae fan but when you’re in a crowd that’s all bouncing to that reggae beat you can’t help but join in. I’ve also noticed that the whole Salento area seems to feel a connection of sorts to the Caribbean. Is it the palm trees, beach, and laid-back lifestyle that they have in common? Who knows?
I managed to get copy of their CD "La Voce Di Chi" soon after that first show so now I’m able to sing along. I have a good story about them. They are so good that later that night after the first time I saw them I dreamt that I married the lead singer’s sister. It was hilarious because you see in the dream I skipped over the whole wedding ceremony and went to the reception where Mama Roots was playing in a big masseria in the countryside. Everyone who is anyone was invited and those that weren’t were at home crying. If you want to hear them then go to their MySpace. I recommend "pupazzo"
I realize now that this month may get tough. So I think I will open up this blog to answer any questions that you all in the viewing public have. I think the question I get the most is something like this, “What the hell is an American doing living and working in Brindisi?” Or “Why are here (there)?” I don’t think I’ve ever given a real story so maybe I will, tomorrow.


Eryn said...

hahaha your dream is so hilarious!!! i have crazy dreams like that too sometimes and i'm i'm a weirdo:-)

i'll check them out on myspace!

Lori and Kent said...

You can always write about your totally awesome sister that lives in the midwest.

tee hee

Roam2Rome said...

Oh, wow! we have the same birthday! :)

After your comment, I went through your archive to double check, and yup, we have the same birthday! That's cool :)

Jeff Gromen said...

Yeah but Eryn aren't dreams allowed to be like that. I don't need a doctor to tell me what it means.

Just leave a damn question sis! You could even make it "How did your totally awesome sister influence your life?"

Amazing but true. Scorpio's are cool and that's all I have to say.
When it comes to Italian we're opposite. There is no way I could work by doing translations. I don't know how far from the original you're allowed to go. I would just go uggghhhh!