Monday, November 05, 2007

Day 5 A Short Story

Don't look at the photo until you've read the story...
So here’s a little story from my walk home from work last week. As many of you may know Italy changed the clock for daylight savings a week before you Americans. So because of this as I left work on foot it was already sundown. Clouds had rolled in making it darker than I was expecting for this journey home at such an early hour. I could sense something strange was about to happen. I hadn’t gone far when I heard a dog barking in excitement. I turned my attention across the street towards the sound. A strange white mass, constantly changing shape was on a parallel path to me but on the other side of the street. There was enough light to make out individuals so I knew immediately that there could be trouble and I quickened my pace. You see I knew from previous experience that our paths would cross and I wanted to make sure I was out front. Usually I was safe and sound in a car but not tonight so who knows what could happen. As they made their way into the street, much to the delight of the motorists, I could see my plan had worked and they would be a safe distance behind me. I took the opportunity to whip out my trusty cell phone and flip it into camera mode all the while keeping the pace up and keeping a safe distance. Then with the phone ready I set it down on the railing of the wall to my right to get a picture. They were closing fast so I knew I wouldn’t get a second chance at this. It would be too risky to try second photo as I would surely be swallowed up in their midst. I cursed under my breath as I waited what seemed like an eternity for complex device to focus and then take the dam picture. Now they were practically on top of me and the smell was cutting through the air ahead of them, not to mention the noise. I got back to striding briskly ahead and only then could I check the photo. The photo was ok but more importantly I would live see another day. There would be another chance, another meeting. Then where the wall ended they took their turn out into the fields and disappeared into the darkness. I continued home with my senses more alert than ever because I didn’t know what I come across next….

The photo.
The photo also doesn't show how many goats there were. I would say 30-40. These same goats would go by my office when I had an office in the very back of the plant. I could be on the phone with my boss and he would hear goats in the background. Not a great impression.


sognatrice said...

Thank goodness you made it through safely! Been there. Can get hairy. Hah!

Roam2Rome said...

I obediently read your story without looking at the picture and I was wondering what in the world you had seen!

Then I saw the goat parade down the sidewalk :)

Ah, and I loved what you said on my blog. Thanks for taking the time :)

Tomorrow is OUR birthday!!

Lori said...

Great story bro!