Saturday, November 24, 2007


Ok this should be my last quickie blog from Rome. Tomorrow pictures and all the good stuff. I'm proud of myself as we haven't been ripped off by a Taxi. Twice I was sure that he was preparing to give us the Grand Tour but both times I was wrong. We went from Piazza Venezia to Duke's and it was only 10 euro. I couldn't argue with that.
Today I hope to do some shopping but I'm not a "shopper". It's just not in my blood. We'll see how long I last.
Well, wish you were here and the Pope says ciao.....


Delina said...

Enjoy! Can I ask, how do you connect to the internet whilst on your travels? Is it with the Vodafone card?

Lori said...

ciao jeffo, see if you can find me an ape real cheap.

Roam2Rome said...

Uh, have a good trip home again
...and Ciao, ciao to Rome!

How're you holding up with NaBloPoMo? These past couple days I was pretty busy myself and seriously felt like hurling this whole thing out the window, but happy to say I'm still going with it...but argh!

Jeff Gromen said...

I could have brought my laptop with the vodafone card but I figured I could just drop into an internet cafe. I didn't pack much. It was a holiday in the US so I didn't need to check my work emails. If I needed to that I would have had the card.

I have an ape ready to go in my checked bags...

I said ciao to Rome for you. You have to stay with it. We're in the home stretch....but then also don't let it get in the way of work or life!!!:)