Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Country

I’ve decided that I want my own country. Why not? Everybody else does too! This train of thought started yesterday when I happened to catch a little BBC. They were talking about Belgium. Did you know that Belgium hasn’t had a government for 6 months? Why? Because the French speaking Flemish want their own country. Now I’ve heard of everything. Belgium wants to split up. Thank god I’m not a kid studying Geography these days. I thought European Geography was bad when Russia split up into a dozen countries (quick what's the capital of Latvia?). Is there anywhere in the world were people don’t want their own country? In Europe these days it REALLY doesn’t make any sense. So they would make their own flag and national anthem and then they would turn around and join the EU. Well, it would give the Italians more teams to crush in the European Championships (provided Northern Italy isn’t one of the new countries, Padania).
Asia and the Middle East are obviously full of countries that have small areas that want to split off, sometimes not so small areas like Tibet! North and South America seem pretty stable, if you don’t count Texas. Then again Canada has some Frenchies that would probably start their own country if given half a chance. Australia has been quiet for a while but I bet Tasmania is planning something we just don’t know about it yet. Actually Tasmania is probably where I’ll establish my new country. You have a little protection already because you’re surrounded with shark-infested waters and chock-a-block full of dangerous animals. See I already speak their language. I’d have to call my country something like Frigidland to keep nosey people out (look how well that has worked for Iceland). I would train the Tasmanian Devils to attack strangers and I’m done with security (although their name would be Frigidland Devils, that’s still pretty scary). I would be a good King. That’s right. Screw this democracy stuff!
This photo is Nello climbing up to the top shelf. This is his sanctuary away from Mara. Sometimes little sister can be annoying. Maybe up on the top shelf is Nelloland?


Lori said...

Nello, what are you doing, you crazy cat.

Roam2Rome said...

Greetings King Jeff of Frigidlandia!

Hey, I want to be a princess of my own country too...somewhere in Europe... maybe bordering your country, I'd be a good neighbor! Be a kind dictator and don't let your Frigidland devils over on my side, capito? I may be petite and mild looking, but I have a hidden tough side and you don't want to mess with my kingdom.... grrrrr! {sample, see!}

Kent and Lori said...


Good luck with that country of yours. ..especially around tax time. I hope that some form of utopia can prevail. I mean, for you that is.

Remember, it is nice to have good play nice, share, and dont forget your manners at all of your formal KING functions.


Judith in Umbria said...


I've always had my own country. It's about 4 feet wide but has limitless skyrights. It's portable and within it I am Empress. Unfortunately it has many borders and that makes it hard to negotiate peace.

Today is the last day of November...?

Jeff Gromen said...

I don't know when or why he learned to do that.

I don’t know. I was thinking that my neighbors should be countries like Canada, Switzerland and France. Just the fact that you want to be my neighbor makes me wary. Wow, I’m not even king yet and I’m already worried about people trying to overthrow me. I should good by my Old Italian name if I’m going to be a king. King Geoffredo of Frigidlandia has a good ring to it.

Did you hear about the King of Spain telling Hugo Chavez to shut up? I can still be me!

Correct. That kingdom sounds hard to manage but if it works.

Jeff (just Jeff for now....)

Roam2Rome said...

Not neighbors?
Ok King Geoffredo freddo!
Va benissimo. <=girl double speak

So true! The King of Spain has definitely gained many good points. Go King! :)

We made it!! We finished NaBloPoMo!

Tui said...

Really?! I'll have to look into this. I had no idea.

I lived in Belgium for a year and I'll tell you those southerners who speak French (they are actually called Walloons, while the northern Dutch speakers are the Flemish) have plenty of attitude.

Kind of a wannabe-French attitude. Guess they're still pissed off that they actually invented the French fry, but France gets all the credit! ;P

Anyway, I'd heard rumbles of secession when I was there, but didn't think anything would ever come of it.

I mean, good grief, Belgium is tiny! But I know that while the southern economy struggles, the northern, Flemish speakers were quick to embrace IT, and are doing quite well.

Thanks for this info. And best of luck with your quest for a country! Keep your eye on eBay... ;)