Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Phoning it in

I'll admit it this isn't one for the books. A little busy today. Wait, I have something. In the gym I've noticed we've changed radio stations from Radio DeeJay to Manbassa. Why is this important? Because Friday night I was working out to Huey Lewis and the News singing "I want a New Drug!" The memories came flooding back. Then last night I did the John Stewart "Whaaaaattt?" when Shania Twain came on with that song "I feel like a woman". I didn't know American country music was on any station in Italy.
The photo is the ferry to Albania. The one in the background goes to Greece. I really need to that trip. One of these days!!!!!!


traveller one said...

Do the trip... but not on a night like last Friday! You can read all about the harrowing experience on my blog!

Lori said...

Hi Jeff.

Jeff Gromen said...

Now I have my passport I can travel again. I just need a long weekend!

I know what you're doing!!!