Friday, November 02, 2007

Day 2...Ugh this is tough. Casale

My best laid plans were of no use today. I could go on about “How could they…?” Or “Why did…? But let’s just cover what I was able to do. First of all, the rain was terrible yesterday and it didn’t let up as I thought it would. It was so bad that one of the staff of the Lecce soccer team was killed yesterday when he was struck by lightening. The team was out having there last workout before the game on Saturday when he was hit in the middle of the stadium field. One player and the coach were also thrown to the ground in the shock. The game on Saturday is going to be postponed.
This reminds me that I don’t hear about the danger of lightening strikes here like you do in the Midwest. Back there you’re constantly reminded of the danger (usually in the form of a tree split down the middle). I think lightening strikes to the ground are pretty rare here. I very rarely see clear bolts of lightening and hear loud crashes like in the summer in Indiana or Ohio. It seems here you see flashes of light in the clouds and hear rumbles but that’s cloud-to-cloud lightening. It’s not nearly as threatening. I have no scientific proof that’s just what I noticed. And yes I used to sit on my porch in Indianapolis and watch thunderstorms. There is just something cool about watching a good mid-summer thunderstorm roll in.
Today on the other hand is beautiful. I took a little boat ride over to the area of town called Casale. It’s on the other side of the harbor from the centro storico. It’s where some of the nicer houses are and rich people live. My boss in Rome said that should be where I start my search for an apartment when I first arrived. I admit there was a place over there that was a close second on my list. The only thing that drove me away was that they said the garage for my car wasn’t exactly done, but it would be “soon”. I knew what that meant. So today I went over and poked my camera in a few gates. This is what I found in one.

And this is what I found in another.

A slight difference...
Also hidden amongst some of these mansions that overlook the sea is a small area where fishermen live and work. Again, I was too shy to take photos of the fishermen. Some of them would have perfect but you see those photos in other blogs.


Lori said...

Find your inner Kent and take photos of the fishermen.

Roam2Rome said...

Hehe... yes! we sure have seen the pictures in other blogs.

Aww, I could have used a good eye-treat right about now :)

Came to drop off your cat, thanks :)

Jeff Gromen said...

Ok, Ok I'll work on it.