Wednesday, June 27, 2007


So a VIP arrived this weekend. No it's not my sister and Kent. They arrive tonight. It was a beautiful yacht called “Let It Be”. I thought, “This must belong to Sir Paul McCartney or some family member of the Beatles. Maybe a big star is in town!” Nope, I was wrong. A quick search of the Internet and here is a link to the website where you can rent this incredible boat. Yes, anyone can hire this yacht for jaunt around the Med and it will only cost you 85,000 to 92,000 euro a WEEK! Gasp! Check out the website as you can see the interior photos and the other little boats that come with it (inside it, how cool)! I wonder how much everything else costs. Is the gas and crew included? Heeeyy, it can sleep 10 guests so if you split the cost 10 ways… NO…. that’s still way too high for even a “once in a lifetime” type thing. I’m saving for the two-minute ride into space.
Holy crap, something just hit me. I just thought about how much the people are spending while the boat is just sitting here in Brindisi. Go to Venice or Palermo. What the hell are they doing here?


sognatrice said...

So Jeff, whaddya say? You, me, and about 500 of our closest friends, living it up, for 7 days. Could be a little crowded, but we can always take turns swimming, right?

Oh wait, that's in euro. Up that 500 figure then.

Jeff Gromen said...

Yeah... We could make it a week-long-expat-get-together. The boat would be close to everybody at some point in it's tour!!!!

Kataroma said...

Well, many of us expats have got used to living in close quarters with our in-laws. Compared to that, a week with 500+ expats on a boat will be a piece of cake!

sognatrice said...

Hah! Kataroma is *so* right! And...there'd be English :)

Jeff Gromen said...

Hmmmm. I was thinking that just a few "tour directors" will live on board and everyone else could come and visit us when were in town. :)

I, of course, would be one of the "tour directors".

Johnaesthetica said...

Oh man. Methinks that the people who would even consider renting a yacht probably don't consider money a factor.

And if you go through with the yacht renting, pick me up somewhere outside Lecce!

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Oooh, can I be a tour director too? Where do I sign up for that?

Brian said...

I dunno, I think half the point of dropping that much cash on a boat for a week is to be able to dock it repeatedly so that people can watch you disembark.

If you stay out in the middle of the sea, no one can see how rich you are!

Jeff Gromen said...

John and Brian are right. If you're renting that boat it's because money is not much of an issue. They also have probably seen and been seen in all the trendy spots in the Med.

Ok, the cabins are filling up quickly!