Monday, June 04, 2007

Some photos to ponder

Not much going on this weekend so I'll put up some photos that I took with the new camera.

This is Lucia's dog at the Caffe Continental. Ahh, Isn't he cute.

Ok this photo isn't so cute. Cosimo at the Farmer's market was selling snails. I think this is pretty good considering the lens I have isn't a real macro lens. That's one of the toys that comes later.

Ok back to cute photos. I liked the lighting on this photo. Nello seems to like being photographed so naturally Mara runs away.

This is just an interesting scene carved above the door of one of the older churches in town.

Last but not least. I think I have too many polo shirts with horizontal stripes!!! Basta!! I spent some doing spring cleaning in the closest.

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Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Great photos. I love the cat one, of course. But the macro one is my favorite, it came out really good, and I can't believe you took it w/o a macro lens!