Monday, June 25, 2007

A New Frontier for this Blog!

Now I’m able to take this blog where it’s never been before! I don’t think any blog of Puglia has even attempted to show what I can do now. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy more of Puglia than you ever thought was possible!
Friday night I played around with my new package until I was sure it was ready for the beach on Saturday. So what is it? It’s a waterproof case for my digital camera. I sealed up my old Canon digital elph and went out snorkeling around Penna Grossa on Saturday and Sunday. It’s one of those things that I already feel like it was worth the price after the first “test”. I took a total of 140 photos in two days and naturally most of them are crap as fish don’t tend to hold still for the photo but here are few I did get.
These fish are the most common around the rocks. I can't believe how many eyes I got in this photo. Most of the time they would turn tail and swim away when I was trying to get their picture.
These fish are almost always in schools and I called them the "yellow lined fish". I believe they only grow to be a about foot long. These are babies only a few inches long and when they're adults then you can see the obvious yellow lines down their sides that inspired the name.
Sea Urchins are easy to photo and this one is next to a strange orange blob. I believe it's a sponge. These rocks are no coral reef but they do have algae, sponges, and fish that have some good colors!
Some fish like this blenny just sit there and don't think that you can see them.

What the heck kinda fish is this. This new device now has everyone saying "Get a picture of me underwater!"

One last fish photo. This Green Wrasse was very hard to get. They just move too fast for a digital camera.

I have a few other photos that I like but I guess I can save them for another day. I also tried the video option and I REALLY need to concentrate on getting the camera steady next time.


sognatrice said...

Gorgeous photos! You've definitely gone to new depths here. Hah!!!

Delina said...

Boys and their toys LOL.

Great shots!

Held Hostage in Atlanta said...

I have been enjoying your blog for a while and thank you for your insights into your region of Italy. Great photos--thanks for sharing them!

Johnaesthetica said...


If you would, where did you get it, how much, and can you post a picture of it? I'm definitely interested.

Jeff Gromen said...

I didn't see joke coming! Damn I missed one.

That's definitely the case with me. I've already expressed my interest in the Star Trek world.

Held Hostage,
I hope it helps you get away!

I got it from slightly used for 170 bucks (new ones are $240!) then a ton for shipping and customs. For my camera it was the WP-DC800 model and it only works for a few Canon models.