Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Corpus Domini

I stayed home from the beach on Sunday so I could see the procession of Corpus Domini here in Brindisi. Here is a short description from the Brindisi website:
"This unique and religious ceremony takes place during the celebration of Corpus Domini, when the Bishop, riding an adorned white horse, parades the Blessed Sacrament (host) through the main streets of the City. This is in remembrance of an ancient tradition which originated in the year 1254."
For more information go to Brindisi web and check out the traditions. I was excited to see it because in years past I always missed it for some odd reason. Now I can finally say I've seen it. I was a little disappointed. They had some problems with the horse. First it wasn't white. Isn't that part of the tradition? And second, it DID NOT want to be apart of the parade so the bishop ended up walking most of the way. So there was no horse for most of the procession. I guess it's the blessing that matters and that has been done, so everything is ok. Also I can sleep better knowing that NOW I have seen every tradition that there is in Brindisi.

This is a photo when the bishop is getting ready to bless the sea and the city. Notice he's on foot now.

One of the many banners of the faithful that followed the bishop through the streets of Brindisi.

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