Saturday, June 09, 2007

Man Bag Photos

All very good reasons left on my post yesterday. It is incredibly convenient and yes I will be careful to leave it behind on vacations to places like Australia, Detroit,...
Here are some photos of my man bag. I never thought I'd say that!
The second one is me at the "Gym Dinner" last night with it. I had a rather dumb look on my face so I cut that part out. That's one of the beauties of running your own blog.
As a bonus I'll throw in this photo I took today. School is out, at least it seems that way from the invasion of kids at the bars last night. This photo below is one I took a school very close to my place. The bougainvillea is in full bloom and there is even an old FIAT 500 out front. Thanks to the man bag I had my camera along!!


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

See, one more good reason for the man's a blogger tool kit!

Anonymous said...

I like it! It looks more like a camera equipment case than a man bag.

Giovanna said...

I'm liking the man bag. I hope I get a man with a bag when I come to Italy so I don't have to carry my own bag.

Annika said...

I was about to say that it's cute, but then I realized that 'cute' is probably not what you're looking for... but it looks very good, and not purse-y at all! Just wait and see, soon you'll be addicted to the convenience in carrying everything you could possibly need in it, so you'll need a bigger one.

Giovanna, I bought a bag for my man before our Italy trip in April. It was a VERY smart move of me, if I may say so myself, because this way I could get away with only a small purse while he carried the video camera, water bottles, sweaters and who-knows-what! :D

sognatrice said...

I'm a little late on your man bag experience, but I agree with everyone who has encouraged the addition to your style. It's hard to admit, but I think the Italians are actually more practical (dare I say logical?) on this one because you know what? Men have to carry stuff too! Nice choice on the bag :)

Cynthia Rae said...

You make me laugh! When I read this post I thought of Seinfeld right away. Then I read the next post in which you mention him!

I think your man bag is nice and very manly. I know my husband has been thinking of picking one up for himself and even our Mayor has one!

Allora, come si dice "man bag" in italiano?


brian said...

Coming from another (super manly) guy: Nah, that's not gay at all. It looks military issue and you're sporting it like Rambo, so you're safe.

If it was hot pink with a Hello Kitty pattern to match your hot pink Hello Kitty penny loafers and you find yourself saying, "Oh Beeehavvve!" -- then that would be a whole other story.

Johnaesthetica said...

Flashy, indeed.

Jeff Gromen said...

Yes, it's so useful everyone should carry a bag.

Miz violetta,
Yeah, I'm starting to realize that now. I guess it's a transitional bag.

It's highly likely.

It's not cute ;).

I can't believe how long it took my to accept something logical. Maybe I'm a little testa dura on some things. Next thing you know I'll be wearing pink.

What's your husband waiting for? Wait he has your purse to store things!

I wanted the grey and black camo bag but Christian has that and I can't be in group with two guys carrying the same bag!

You gotta try one at while your here!


Texas Espresso said...

its very cool! good fashion move