Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Piece of History

How would like to own a piece of the history (well it could be)? Because part of “Jeff in Puglia” has just been put on the market. I hope I doing the right thing. I have decided sell my house in Indianapolis. I haven’t had renters in it for a while and I’m just sick and tired of worrying about it (mortgage, taxes, insurance, and etc....). Also I’m not sure the house is right for me even if I do move back to Indy.
So it’s been cleaned up and starting yesterday the house is officially being listed by Remax. I can’t believe the attachment I have with this house. I only lived in it for two years (For the record, I lived in Indy for 8 years!!). But those two years in that house were the craziest two years, by far. Emily and Neil, you two know what I mean!!!!
Check out the photos on this link. I couldn’t get the “virtual tour” to work for me.
Other photos of the house

Also just to let you know my package was in Milan this morning so it's getting close.


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Enjoying the ongoing package saga...

The house is cute! Too bad I don't know anyone in Indy who would be in the market for it.

That picture of snow is brutal right now, with it being so hot here... summer is the worst season for me and I love the snow.

Jeff Gromen said...

That's the only thing good about when it's cold is having snow. That's why I'm not a winter person because in Indy and Cincinnati we seemed to get cold weather but without snow. I can remember almost all of my snow days back in school.

The package is still in Milan. But it says it's cleared customs. That's good!


Cherrye said...

Good luck, Jeff. I am sure that was a hard decision!

I feel you on the package thing...

Cherrye said...
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