Tuesday, June 19, 2007

VIPs in town, not yet...

AAAGGGHH. They’re screwin’ with me! I ordered something from Amazon.com on Thursday and they sent me a tracking number for the shipment just to torment me. I immediately went to the Fedex website at least a dozen times checking on it’s progress. I know I didn’t pay for overnight shipping but they’re just winding me up at this point. Here’s the story so far… They picked up the package in Brooklyn, New York at 8:12 PM on Friday, June 15th. It arrived at the Fedex office in Newark at 8:51 PM. This is the part that gets me. It didn’t leave the Fedex office until 12:04 AM today. What the hell were they doing with my package all weekend…and Monday?!! Anyway, when it arrives I’ll let you know. Until then I’ll keep Fedex in my shortcuts and the tracking number on my desktop. Yes, I can be very impatient at times.
The picture today is of the VIP parking for yachts in Brindisi. They put down the green asphalt and then lined the “parking area” off with potted plants for the first time last year or maybe it was the year before. This area is then THE parking space for the big wigs with their super yachts. A vigilanza car will be nearby 24/7 when one of those obscenely rich people are in town.
The summer will bring all kinds of boats into town, not just super rich. Everything from the English in little sailboats (on a cheap holiday) to Sultans with mega-yachts from the Middle East. Last year there was this one huge yacht that I noticed because it had this goofy flag on it and I couldn’t understand what country it was from. Then I saw the flag again in the news when the same boat was in Naples a few days later. They were doing a story about English royalty and they said the boat belonged to the English royal family (the flag was a symbol that the boat is part of the royal fleet). I have no idea if any of them were on it when it was here but maybe the queen had gelato at the Bar Betty. Well if she didn't, she should have! This photo below is of some yachts a few years ago.


Ms Adventures in Italy said...

I had really good luck with Amazon until recently....the last date of my expected delivery range passed over two weeks ago....someone is out there playing with my cookbooks!

I figured it was only time until they figured out what is in those boxes :(

Kent and Lori said...

VIP's. You mean Kent and I, right?

One week and counting... Warn the Vertigo that we are coming and we want gelato.

Can't wait to see you and the gang.

Jeff Gromen said...

Don't tell me that! I forgot the Fedex site doesn't tell you anything once the package enters Italy. According to Fedex my package is still in Milan.

Yeah, ugh... that's what I meant. You guys are the VIPs.