Friday, June 08, 2007

More Italian!

So I brook down and did it, finally. Something I never, ever thought I would do but I could see coming for some months now. My old fashioned midwestern values gave in to the influence of Italy, again.
What did I do last night?
I admit it.
I bought a “European Carry All” to quote Seinfeld.
That’s right. I bought a man purse. I have many reasons for doing this and it doesn’t make me gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that!
OK, here are my rationalizations for the purse, I mean bag:
1. I have two cell phones to carry and I’m thinking about getting a third.
2. The pants I buy in Italy seem to be tighter and things don’t fit in the pockets very well.
3. It’s summer and I don’t have a jacket with pockets to carry stuff.
4. I would like to have my digital camera with me more often.
5. When I can fit my phones in my pockets it doesn’t look good. Is that a Nokia in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?
6. Many men have them here so I won’t be laughed at or beat up over this. Besides, I’ve been going to the gym so I could probably beat up anybody that makes fun of me. “C’รจ cazzo mi sta wuardi?” (What the hell are you looking at? in Brindisino)
7. I can now carry my sunglasses case and stop beating up the most expensive pair of sunglasses that I’ve ever owned. Although, that’s not saying much if you know my past.
8. It may actually help me stay more organized. Wait, I guess it could lead to more disorder. I can hear myself saying; “I know that was in my bag yesterday!”
9. I will feel more Italian as no American man would carry a bag.
10. ….

Maybe I’ll put up a photo of it sometime when I’m more comfortable with it. Feel free to add to my list of why it’s ok for me to carry a bag!!


Ms Adventures in Italy said...

10. Because living here, you've realized what works, works, and everyone else can F off? :)

I think a man bag is cool!!

Bring on the pics!!

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

10. Because I just wanted to be able to take a photo of myself looking like this: [please insert photo of you with man bag here]

This is a Kodak moment!

Jeffina?! Was there more to to the name than just the book swap?
Scherzo, scherzo! God knows you'll blend in better around these parts with a "borsetta da uomo" ;-)

Texas Espresso said...

10. I am comfortable enough with my manliness that I can wear my man purse with pride!

You go dude! I think man bags are cool too and very very handy.

Alina said...

maybe it's a silly question... but you do know that "cazzo" doesn't mean "hell", huh? No need to give me the right answer:)))
For the rest, I like the idea of you becoming European. It's such an interesting metamorphosis and I'm so eager to read more about it...

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Jeffo! A tip though-don't forget to leave the purse behind when you go on vacation outside Italy.

I know a guy in Australia who got beaten up when he entered the wrong pub while wearing a flowery shirt. I hate to think what they'd do to a man carrying a purse. :(


Annika said...

hey, what's this? Have none of you watched Friends? Don't you know that it's man bag, not man purse?!

Just remember to keep it on the shoulder that's away from the street when you're walking, Jeffo, so nobody snatches it from a passing motorino!

Jeff Gromen said...

All great advice and reasons. So far I like the ease of carrying all kinds of stuff without full pockets in my "man bag".
Absolutely. I know the true meaning of "cazzo". If there is any word you learn quickly it's that. I just translate it into the word that fits the phrase in American English.