Sunday, July 01, 2007

Climbing mountains just to entertain company....

Well my sister and brother-in-law are here now and I'm busy showing them around. Yesterday, we drove to Parco Nazionale di Monte Pollino. This morning we climbed and did one of the toughest "short" hikes I've ever done. We had to get up over 2000 meters where this Lucano Pine grows in the park. I have to say I was amazed by these trees for some strange reason. Maybe I'll right more and show more photos when I have more time and my calfs aren't screaming in pain.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure your uncle is also in Italy right now. If you see him, tell him his daughter says, "Hello."

traveller one said...

Hey Jeff... were your ears burning this past weekend? Cause we were talking about you! Me and Cyndi that is... as we drove around Emiglia-Romagna!

Jeff Gromen said...

We had a great lunch with him and the girls on Friday. I wish they could have stuck around longer.

My ears weren't burning but it maybe it's because I was somewhere nice and cool! It doesn't look like we're going to Albania like we planned. I don't plan very well. The plan was Albania and we ended up on the border of Basilicata and Calabria. Is Cyndi going to start blogging again?