Monday, July 23, 2007

Book review: Imperium

Here’s my first blog book review. I officially give a thumbs up to Robert Harris’s Imperium and I’m not really fan of fiction. I love great non-fiction stories like some of books by Bill Bryson. I love his book Neither Her nor There. Although, Imperium isn’t really fiction because it’s “based on true events”. It was so good that it sent me off researching the life of Cicero and to see what Mr. Harris made up and what was true. I was amazed at how much was true. I guess in history class you just don’t have enough time to explore characters like Cicero in depth. The book only covers the first part of Cicero’s incredible life as great lawyer and politician in Rome so I assume Mr. Harris is working on the sequel. The second part would be even more entertaining from what I’ve learned. See my sister’s blog for a photo of Nello reading about Cicero. Nello has yet to give his verdict on the book. How can you not like that photo?

It was incredibly hot this weekend so beach time was needed on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I saw yet another octopus and this time I got it on video. It’s on my Youtube site here. Yes. I realize my underwater video skills need help but you trying swimming with one arm and holding a camera steady in the other. If I wore my flippers then my feet could do all the work but they’re too heavy to lug out to the beach. Maybe I should just go all out and do some real diving? On Sunday I also saw this fish for the first time. I have at least 5 or 6 photos of nothing before I got lucky and managed to get a good side view. Before this summer is over I’ll have documented all the fish species in Adriatic!

One of the events that did NOT warrant my time was the FIAT 500 car rally Sunday morning. I pretty much missed it because it was on Sunday morning, but what I did see did not live up to the hype. I pulled myself out of bed at 11:00 AM for a couple of cars and most weren't FIAT 500s! I think I got one good picture of a convertible FIAT 500.


Anonymous said...


I dig the newt. Did you find it at the beach?

I too enjoyed the Imperium.


Matteo a.k.a. MONKEYbOy said...

dear jeffo
matteo speakin'....i look at you as a super correct man..and i'd like to explain the reason..if i could see an octopus in penna grossa, my firts idea was to catch its just to eat suddenly..maybe you don't know that we use to eat octopus also sow on your blog (i give always a sight to it 'couse it's the most interesting one i know..)and you had a pic of the octopus...and now a's my opinion it's the same octopus that thanked you not to hunt its and it let you to watch....don't it???
so let's have a look to my blog...
see you soon guy!!

Jeff Gromen said...

Matteo o Monkeyboy,
The second octopus is smaller but maybe the octopuses know that I will not eat them!:)
Comunque, I do like to eat octopus but I would never take one from il parco!
Your blog will be good for my Italian!

It's a lizard. Marco found it on the beach. Isn't he cute. I'm glad I'm "all grown up" because now I don't bring animals home all the time.


Antonella said...

Hey you know that metal wire thing that guitar players wear around their necks to hold a harmonica so they can play both at once? Maybe you can rig some sort of frame to hold your camera out in front of you while you're swimming. Silly looking? Probably. Lighter than flippers? Definitely. Think about it.

Laura Ottaviani-Chacon said...

I still want to see the cow chasing you. :-)


Jeff Gromen said...

That might just work but I would look silly.

We could always just send you that photo. In my defense I've seen too many home video shows where someone is looking at camera and an animal comes up from behind and blam. Kent was trying to get a photo of me and the cows were milling about a little too much behind me.