Wednesday, July 18, 2007

FIAT 500 photo

I need your help. I love this photo I took of an old FIAT 500 in Ostuni (can you see why Ostuni is called "The White City"). Recently I started modifying it with different effects. You know making in black and white or charcoal or sepia. It seems to me that this photo is just begging you to play with it.
So I'm inviting you out there in cyberspace to take this photo and show me some creative ways to modify it. Maybe add some color to it or even people. I don't know. Then email it to me if you want. Maybe I should make a prize for the best modification?
This Sunday in Brindisi they're having a "raduno" of FIAT 500s in honor of the 50th birthday of the production of this car. They say there will be over 200 cars doing a little tour through town and all the years of production will be on display. I can't wait to get photos of this event. I'm even scoping out places to photograph from. I just hope I don't sleep in and miss it!! Why Sunday morning??


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

I'm kind of a dunce when it comes to Photoshop, but I'm looking forward to your Fiat photos!

I constantly kick myself whenever I see a navy blue convertible one. My first year in Italy I had the possibility to inherit one from a friend, just paying taxes, etc., but obviously that was way too early in my expat experience to own a car, or even think about driving in Rome. Had it happened just a few years later, it would have been a match made in heaven! Now that poor 500 has long since gone to RIP at the junk yard. So sad!

Jeff Gromen said...

There are plenty of FIATs around. I'm sure you'll get another chance.