Monday, September 25, 2006

We lost...che peccato!

So Brett and the Americans lost over the weekend. They didn't even come close. I’ll have to give him some advice from the School of Hard Knocks, again! I couldn’t watch it because nobody in Italy cares about it, even though it was Europe vs. the USA. The sports channels would rather show women’s rhythmic gymnastics, or whatever that’s called, then golf. I get 4 sports channels but two always have soccer or news about soccer so there is two channels for all the other stuff in the world. You would not believe how many times I’ve seen Monster Truck Rallies on one of those channels. Do we even still have those in the US? Anyway for 2 years we have to hang our head in shame because we Americans are not good in team golf. Golf a sport that everyone thinks of as a “team sport”.
Also my package hasn’t arrived yet, but I have found out that it is not 90 kg. More like 9 kg and it should arrive today. I guess everyone is not nearly excited about it like I am. I thought you would be a little more curious. Marco was only one NOT allowed to guess and he guessed anyway. I like his guess though because I had forgotten all about his bowling ball.
And the Bengals win against the Steelers, 3-0!! It was payback for last year. I don’t care what the players are saying.

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