Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fall, but no colors

The weather this weekend has been very nice. Friday at work it was hot, mainly because there was no wind. A good breeze kicked up yesterday and now it's almost perfect here. So Fall is here but we have no changing of the leaves, palm trees are funny like that. The thing I notice is how early the sun is going down. It's very strange.
Yesterday I was going to go to an airshow in Otranto. I wasn't too excited because my big old film camera was broken. It has a monster lens that allows you to zoom in and get good photos of things like planes that would be a dot on my digital camera. I also loved this monster lens for getting photos of animals. I took it to a shop a long time ago and they said just to look at it would cost so much that it's probably not worth it. I bought the camera and the lens used so I agreed and went off into digital world.
Yesterday I thought, wait a minute, if this thing is worthless then why not take it apart (I think that is the engineer's code). I started taking out screws and parts. I noticed something strange. This one screw in the lens didn't turn. I played around with all the other screws. Then it seemed to click into place and the screw turned. To make a long story short the screw that wasn't turning was actually what the camera body uses to focus the lens. The camera coudn't try to focus because that screw had been knocked out of place (did I mentioned I dropped the camera way back). So I put everything back together and it works. Now it's not perfect because I'm sure some dirt and dust probably got into the camera but now I'm excited to get the big film camera out again.
Then as I was playing around with it I was amazed at how much that old camera weighs. The lens alone probaby weighs three times my digital camera. I'll let you know how it goes but you'll have to wait. There is no place to get film developed on Sunday and then I'll have to scan the photo in at work and then I can post it.

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