Monday, September 04, 2006

End of Summer

And so it’s now September and the summer is over. Sunday was a beautiful day at the beach but there were still only half the people that would normally be there. Also it gets dark too early to go after work so my next chance won’t be until at least Saturday.

This weekend was also the big festival in town to celebrate the two patron saints of Brindisi, San Teodoro d’Amasea and San Lorenzo da Brindisi. I think the fireworks were bigger and better than last year. I really noticed a difference. I committed the photographer’s greatest sin. I showed up and had a perfect spot turned on the camera and the little battery light comes on. Perfect planning except for the simplest thing. I guess I don’t really need any more pictures of fireworks. This show reminds me that the big Labor Fireworks in Cincinnati were last night. The show here was nowhere near that big.

Every saint’s festival seems to have a new trivial item that is being sold everywhere. This year it was two magnetic balls that when you toss them up in the air they make an annoying sound like a bug hitting a bug zapper. The magnets hold the balls together and they rub on each other to make the annoying sound. Vendors were everywhere and now I’m sure I will hear them everywhere until the kids loose one of the two magnets.

Some things never change though, I was happy to see THE great salesman was back. This guy spends all night selling dishes. He’s incredible. You have to admire his ability in every way. He demonstrates the durability of the dishes by slamming them on the table from time to time. He can stack a huge set of plates in one hand in a matter of seconds. Then he carries them around like it’s nothing. I’ve seen circus performers that didn’t have this balance and control. All this and then at the end he gives you a ridiculous low price. 10 euro for all 25 pieces, aspetta!!!! 5!!! Solo 5 EURO!!!


Cynthia Rae said...

I found your blog on expats in Italy. I HAD to pop in and say ciao. I too left my home in Indianapolis for a life in Italy! What a small world it is. I also met another person from Indy here in Italy. Jackie from the blog Allora Aspetta.

Looking forward to checking out your blog.
ps. Do you get back to Indy often? I will be there one month! Yea!

Jeff Gromen said...

cynthia rae
Wow it is a small world I guess. I get back to Indy about every 6 monthes. I'm going back for Turkey Day. My first in 3 years!!

Your blog looks pretty complete compared to mine. I see you have a link to the Indy Zoo. I was a volunteer there until I moved here.