Friday, September 15, 2006

Leave me alone!!!

I feel uncomfortable and in a very bad mood. It seems that a combination of things have me in this very bad mood right now. Most importantly is the fact that I didn’t sleep well last night. The cat was making a lot a noise and someone’s stupid door kept slamming in the wind all night. I finally checked this morning and it was my stupid door to the balcony that was slamming and Nello was probably crying to tell me to get up and close it.
Today it has been very overcast and VERY humid all day. The office is hot and I’m sweating just sitting here at the desk. My legs ache from playing basketball last night and I can’t find a comfortable position to sit. I also feel bad because last night I almost put Mino in the hospital while we were playing basketball. He came driving down the lane and at the last second my reflexes said, “Let’s not take the charge” so I tried to turn out of the way but it was too late and he went right into my shoulder as I turned. Both of us are skinny and boney so it was a hard impact and he definitely got the worst of it. I barely felt it so I guess going to the gym paid off. I think something similar happened with him when we played soccer one time. He’s going to think I’m out to get him.
So I’m sweaty, tired, uncomfortable, and I’m accidentally beating up my friends. I’ll be going home soon, so My mood should pick up then and it looks like it’s going to rain today and tomorrow so it will be good sleeping weather. But until I've had some sleep, leave me alone!!!

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Pola said...

I hope that by now you have lost your bad mood.
I am thinking about poor Nello and the door slamming all night. Forgive me if laughed when I read it!