Monday, September 18, 2006

Peaches and Fastweb

Well it’s Monday but I’m in a better mood then Friday. The first thing is the weekend was good for sleeping as it rained Saturday morning and stayed cool all weekend (but still a little humid). It also rained a little Saturday night but nothing like the floods they are having up north. I could never live in Northern Italy, as it seems like they are always having floods, or fog, or snow.
I didn’t do much but in between the showers I did get some incredible peaches at the farmer’s market. I thought the season was over but the “usual guy” had some monster peaches. They were a little more expensive than the others places but I bought 4 because I trust him. They are good. If they weren’t so big I would have eaten all of them Saturday but I’m having just one a day in the morning. There’s no need to go crazy.
Mom, did I mention that now I eat peaches and pears? I’m not sure why but growing up I hated them but this summer people would bring sliced up beaches and pears to the beach and I liked them and now I buy them all the time. But I STILL hate green peppers. That will never change!
Also at the market I see that prickly pear fruit at coming into season, I’m not a big fan but they are something different and they’ll be really cheap soon. Grapes are dirt-cheap right now. They’re everywhere and I hear Ottavio is not hanging out with us in the evening because he’s breaking his back in the fields collecting grapes.
Something completely different is this weekend a sign appeared on the door to my building now that says “Fastweb” now covers my apartment. Fastweb is alternative to TelecomItalia and it has cable television, Internet access, and phone access all in one package. I’ve already been drooling at the idea of having an ASDL line at home and new international TV channels. I’ll probably just get phone and Internet access deal because I don’t need more channels on TV (we all know that more TV channels always sounds better, but in reality!!!). Still I want to go to the store and find out the details before I get too excited.
I also had a laugh this morning because I read an article where the BBC had their car (a Land Rover full of television equipment) stolen in Ostuni. They were here to do a story on Puglian food and couldn’t finish it. The car was stolen on Sept 7th and turned up today with most of the equipment still in it. Just when you think Puglia is making strides to be the next Tuscany…
Also I have to mention that the Bengals beat the Browns. It’s always good to here that!!! The Bengals 2-0.

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