Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Town Improvements

A story about last night: I called Teddy and Allassandra to see what they were doing and they were on their way into town so they picked me up and we went and had a gelato at the Vertigo. The strange thing is that at 10:30 PM on a Monday the road along the sea was closed. Now the Police have been blocking this street almost every night July and August to allow people to stroll along without the noise and fumes of cars. It’s been really nice. I just thought that is was strange that on a Monday night in September it was still in force. The traffic last night was very light so the need to block the street didn’t seem necessary. We parked and had our gelatos and by the time we were leaving the street was open again (around midnight).
I hear rumors that they are going to close the road for good one of these days and make the area into a piazza. It really would make walking around in Brindisi nicer but it would also add to the headaches of people trying to park in town. The picture above shows the area that would be closed to cars. From the sea to first buildings could all be a piazza.

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