Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ryder Cup and the Mystery Package

YEAAAHHH it’s Ryder Cup time. USA! USA! USA! I know what you’re thinking, “Since when do you give a hill of beans about golf?” It’s true I’ve only thought of golf as a sleep aid for Saturday afternoon. Have you ever laid on the couch and listened to golf on TV? The announcers are talking in those soft soothing voices and the there’s absolutely nothing going on. There’s an occasional swing, then some sky pictures, and then ball landing on another patch of green grass. I guarantee you’ll be asleep faster than my mom listening to the Reds on the radio.
So anyway the reason I’m watching the Ryder Cup this weekend is because my old neighbor Brett Wetterich is on the team. I can’t believe that the same person I used to beat up is now hanging out with Tiger Woods and Tom Lehman. Don’t get me wrong; I wasn’t a bully growing up, far from it!! In fact, Brett was the only kid I think I ever fought more than once. He always had it coming because he would tease our dog and I’m sure he stole our soccer ball at least once. How about that? That dog-teasing thief is now representing America in the Ryder Cup. He better win, OR ELSE…
Ok here’s a mystery for you. I have a package coming to me either tomorrow or Monday. It’s a 1-meter (3.2 ft) square box and weighs 90 kg (198 lbs). I hope the delivery company is wrong about the weight. I could understand if the package is 90 kgs FULL but it should be sent EMPTY (big hint). This package is not for me. A friend who I have never met is sending it to me from England so he can pick it up when he gets here. What in the world could this be? I’ll give you another hint: it has something to do with either airplanes or animals. I can’t wait until he arrives, then I can tell you the whole story and it’ll all make sense. Marco you can’t guess because I told you what it is.


marco russo said...

jeff is it a bowling ball for me?

Lori said...

Marco, I think it's seven bowling balls!