Thursday, September 07, 2006

My baby...

I just received an email that's good and bad news. It looks like I get to keep my baby for another 2 years. By “my baby” I mean my car, a silver Alfa Romeo 147, that’s pictured above. Don’t be fooled by the photo, I’m showing it’s good side. The passenger side is where all the scratches and dents are.
It’s mixed news to me because I didn’t like the idea of getting a Ford Focus (my only option), but I would love to have a 4-door car. Also I fear the hassle of changing cars. Now I know where to go to get this one fixed. I have worked through all the “bugs”. Then again, getting the 2 door Alfa was huge mistake. It’s hard to get into the back seat and it’s impossible to open the doors without hitting another car in a parking lot.
In related news I saw that Alfa Romeo will be selling cars in the US again in 2009!!

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