Sunday, October 03, 2004

Jeff not in Puglia

I’m writing this from Cefalù. Excuse me. Doesn’t this town sound a little like a sneeze? Actually it’s a neat town on the north coast of Sicily and Cefalù is greek or latin for head. This relates to the town because there is a big rock behind it that could look like a head at the right angle. How did I get here? By driving, a lot. It was fun except for a few things. I didn’t like being stuck behind the pig trucks on the A3. They smell bad and I think I was stuck behind 2 different trucks through 2 construction zones. Shouldn’t these pigs be headed to Parma to be made into ham? Then I learned that the A20 doesn’t go all the way to Palermo. I wouldn’t have minded but it added time to the end of the trip, which is always the last thing you want to do. You think you’re almost there and the road ends. Instead of cruising at 140 km/hr you’re stuck behind a bus going 40 km/hr. Splitting headache. Time for a pizza and beer.

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