Friday, October 15, 2004

Delete this later

Well it's rather late and I'll be interested to read this tomorrow. Tonight I went to the Big Ben Pub and much to my delight the rockest blues band in Brindisi was playing. This three man band is just bass, drums, and lead guitar and I'm not sure they have a name. I gather from the groupies (about 12) that this guy is probably the best guitarist in Brindisi. I will say he seemed pretty dam good and I'm pretty sure it's not the beer talking, but I could be wrong. He did very clean guitar solos and I was particularly taken with their version of "Hey Joe" unfortunately they really couldn't sing but this problem was solved when someone from the crowd joined theme for a song or two. With this band brought a crowd of people that meant that Daniele ("e" means a guy) and Octavio needed help. This meant Daniela ("a" female) was working for the first time since the Big Ben opened after the summer. For some odd reason I saw it as a good time hit on her for most of the night. NOW I know she has a boyfriend, although I would saw that too I think with how I was acting. Daniele and I were "moshing" at some point to blues. Anyway it's getting later and I had a good night. It's hard to believe my 33rd birthday is right around the corner. Maybe that had some influence. That and the monumental agreement we made at work the other day. I hope I don't throw up later....

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