Sunday, October 31, 2004


Bring me my coffee, it’s time to wake the dead

“Coffee Song” by Gordon Bonham Blues Band

I think I have officially joined the millions addicted to coffee. Before I moved to Italy I had never drank a cup of coffee. I didn’t even like the smell, but at work it was hard to keep explaining this every time everyone went to get coffee. Eventually I was having one a day, and it was a cappuccino (frothy milk and sugar to kill the taste of the coffee). Then 2 in the morning and now I’ve added 1 in the afternoon. Cappuccino has given way to coffee and sugar only (of course you can’t have a cappuccino in the afternoon, anyway, it's morning drink they say). Now the final straw, I have bought a Bialetti Moka Express coffee machine to make my own on the weekends (I had been going out for it). This machine is so simple and ALL Italians agree that it is THE machine for home coffee brewing. So I have been completely assimilated into the Italian coffee drinking world.

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