Sunday, October 24, 2004

Urchin News

Well it’s Sunday evening so routine dictates a blog. Latest things since Friday… More Ultimate, Pedro organized a practice yesterday. I’ve never been so excited to do drills. It was great. There were two new kids with some height, which was good to see. One of them seems to have a good sense for the game already. Also there was a little kid with good throws that could be a natural handler. It seems the class in Lecce will happen, yeah, but as the Italians say “presto detto” (easier said than done). Pedro now is trying to work out the day and time and the other specifics. More on this later.
I’m watching the calcio highlights and Lecce has won again! 4 to 1 over Messina! They are second in Series A, which is incredible since they were near the bottom at the end of last year. Someday I’ll say that about the Bengals, but I won’t hold my breath. Today I won, by finding a sea urchin at the sea for my tank. It wasn’t easy to catch especially for something that moves so slowly, but now I have a big black sea urchin for the tank. Most Italians would eat this guy but I would rather watch him in the tank. Maybe I’ll but up a photo later. That’s all for now.

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