Sunday, October 10, 2004

Sunday Ramblings

Well it’s a slow Sunday afternoon so I thought I would add a little from things I did or noticed this weekend. Saturday afternoon I went for a run. I go from my apartment up the Via Appia to a park. I do 3 laps around the park and then come back. For the most part it’s a quiet easy run if you go between 1 and 4 when no cars are on the road. I also marvel at the stores as I go. A couple of interesting things I pass are a prison and a butcher shop that specializes in horsemeat. Now the prison isn’t that obvious. It could be a police station or other military post but I translated the writing on it and it’s a prison. The butcher shop with horsemeat also reminds me that I have had horse at least twice that I know of so far. It seems pretty good, nothing special, certainly too good to be dog food.
Speaking of food. Is the Atkins diet still the rage in the US? I hope not. Look at Italy. These people live on the ANTI-Atkins diet. Pasta, pasta, bread, cheese, and coffee and yet they are a lot thinner than Americans. I could only say that it’s because they get out and walk around, every night. I think we Americans have to build our cities in ways that we can walk from place to place or something. I can’t stand the idea of us as a nation being fatter in the future. I won’t have it!
Enough ranting. On a lighter note, maybe this is a positive difference between Italy and the US. I heard a song on the radio that sounded kind of familiar. Now I know why, it’s Duran Duran with a new album out and they have a song in the top 5 over here. Please tell me this isn’t happening in the US. Another song that I like is from REM’s new album, the song is “Leaving New York” and it’s getting a lot play here. So we have positive and negatives to every side.
I’m going to try a poll here. Let me know if you would like the next picture I post to be either:
A) a close up of a lantana flower on my balcony or
B) a picture of a fish I saw this morning while poking around in the sea.
Vote by Wednesday for it to count.


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