Sunday, October 31, 2004

Taglia di Zucca

Happy Halloween! I found a pumpkin here so I made the traditional Jack-o-lantern. The zucce (pumpkins) here arn't made for carving. This walls are too thick. I could only do the most basic shapes. I also need some pumpkin recipes. This thing cost 10 euros so I plan to eat it after tonight. Posted by Hello

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Stephania said...

Hellow Jeff. I came across your blog while being bored and seeing who else had kayaking as an interest. I will be studying in Tuscany this spring, and really want to kayak while I'm there. Does Italy have a canoe/kayak association (they must) and do they have a website? Any information you know about getting on the water would be much appreciated. And I hope you are having fun in Italy! It sounds like you are