Saturday, October 16, 2004

Zucchini and a Meeting of the Minds

The “Meeting of the Minds” refers to Pedro and myself. Today I met with Pedro to talk about the Beach Ultimate Frisbee Tournament he runs here in the south every year called Pasticciotto. He has already made a good start and seems to have everything under control so I started this webpage to let everyone know what was going on:

He amazed me even more as the University of Lecce (about 30 minutes away) may offer a course in Ultimate this winter. Pedro is meeting with the president of the university on Friday. If successful then Lecce would be only the second university in Italy have a team. Bologna is the only university that has a team right now. I would like to help him but he seems to know what he’s doing. He had the president of University of Bologna call the president of University of Lecce to tell him how the team has worked out well and all the positive aspects. If this works out then I will have a place to go, practice Ultimate, and help out with the new team. This would be incredible. Pedro himself may move to Lecce but not until September of next year, so I would help out with the team and he would continue with SalentoDisc until he moves. All good news!
The other topic of this is zucchini. I went overboard at the farmer’s market this morning. I think the price of san marzano tomatoes is at it’s lowest (1 euro for 3 kilograms!) so I bought too many tomatoes and the zucchini looked great so I went overboard there too. Now the tomatoes I can make into sauce and freeze but the zucchini I don’t know how to store for a long time so I’ll be eating them all the time for the next few days.

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