Thursday, October 07, 2004

Jeff back in Puglia

Well I'm back at home after visiting most of the great Greek temples located in Sicily. It was nice to see Laura again and kid around with Americans. I'm sorry but my humor is lost on Italians, but I'm working on that. On the way back here I passed Mt. Etna at night. I saw an incredible sight of lava glowing orange down the side of the mountain. Unfortunately, it seemed everytime I could stop on the Autostrada there wasn't a clear view for a picture. I hope to have another chance later, but it was a very eerie sight. It didn't surprise me to see this because I read about such things on: . Just click on the "breaking news" and it tells you everything that is happening with volcanoes around the world. Right now it's covering Mt. St. Helens more than what you read in the news.

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