Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Spaceshipone DAM GOOD JOB!

Hey, I'm an aerospace engineer so I would be crazy not to throw something in my bog about how excited I am with the success of Burt Rutan and his rocketship. Finally someone is doing something new and exciting. I'm a little upset because here in Italy they are showing Roberto Benini on the news. Please tell me they are going to say something about this historic event. I'm already saving my money for the day I can go into space. I saw a little of the flight on the web and they had a guy from The Guiness Book of World Records there. He said exactly what I feel. When I was a kid and I dreamed of going into space but in the last 10 to 15 years I've been getting more cynical that nothing is going to happen, until now. This is not some giant government effort. This is a guy, one guy, that got Paul Allen to give him some money (yeah 25 million) to do something we seemed to have forgot we could do. Invent something new!!!! Take a look at Burt Rutan's company website and see some of the other things he has done and continues to do: . I'm excited and I can't wait for the next flight.... And my own flight!

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