Friday, March 30, 2007

Weather for the .....!!

It’s raining today, again. I don’t know what’s going on. I think we have had at least a little rain every day for a week maybe a week and half. I have it on good authority that we have all the water we need to get through the summer so Mother Nature can turn off the tap!!!! I checked my Brindisi weather stats and amount of rain per month does take a nosedive after March. It bottoms out in July when Brindisi gets on average 0.55 inches of rain (compare that to 3.9 inches in Indianapolis). The picture is my cyclamens on my balcony. They seem to like the weather.
Last night I went to a concert in Lecce (it rained on the way home). It was free for the students of the university and it was also free for other people who were bold or sneaky enough to enter through the back door. The location was a little strange, which is what provided us with a back door. It was in a huge circus tent in a gravel lot. We snuck (sneaked? had sneaked, whatever) around by the port-o-lets and trailers then act like you are coming back into the concert from using the bathroom. It worked like a charm. The concert was worth it too. The band,“The Hormonauts” were pure rockabilly (like Brian Setzer or maybe more like the Reverend Horton Heat ), just a stand up bass, drums, and sizzling guitar. I think I impressed my friends because I knew all the words to Folsom Prison Blues, Johnny Cash would be proud. The best part of the show was when they came out with cowboy hats on and did a very country rock version of “Staying Alive”. The lead singer must be American because there is no way an Italian could sing in English and with a country drawl…. is there? I had to get a t-shirt as I loved the design with a big 50s style car on it and “The Hormonauts with Fast Hormone Billy”.


Johnaesthetica said...

Sounds like a great time.

I'm excited. I've been told there are lots of concerts and other music performences in Lecce and Brindisi during the summer.

Also, we (the group of students spending the summer in Lecce) just received our itinerary for the summer, and we're making several trips to Brindisi, as well as Ostuni, Trani, Bari, and Gallipoli & Alberobello. Perhaps you could meet up with Frankie and I to get an espresso or gelato!

Jeff Gromen said...

Yes, there always seems to be something music wise.
Also I would be offended if we didn't meet up while you're here. Lecce is on 15 minutes from Brindisi when you're going 100 mph but I don't do that anymore as they are installing cameras on that road!!!!