Thursday, March 22, 2007

Look out I'm cooking again

The picture this time is my latest creation. I talked to Mino’s wife at the littlest grocery store and told her I wanted to make something new. I figure if she can explain something to me without writing it down then it’s easy enough to make so here it goes. As told to me…so it could be wrong….
Step 1 Put a little bit of olive oil, butter, and one clove of garlic in saucepan and cook until the garlic is done. Then remove the garlic.
Step 2. Add cherry tomatoes. She didn’t say how to cut them so I cut them in quarters. I hope that’s right. Cook this mixture for a short time. Also add oregano if you like.
Step 3. After the tomatoes have cooked a little add Speck that has been cut into little strips. Oh don’t forget, you probably don’t need to add salt in the first step, as the speck is pretty salty already. Don’t cook the speck too long! Very important! It doesn’t really need to cook.
Step 4. Add the completed sauce to cooked pasta and then cover with Parmesan cheese.
Step 5. Enjoy!
She called it “Pasta della Contessa” but I think she just made the name up because no one at work recognizes the name. It was good and easy to make.
As you can see Nello liked it too. Does he look thinner? He should because I’ve brushed several pounds of hair out of that cat in the last week or two. He has a neck again! Mara showed less interest.


Cynthia Rae said...

That looks wonderful and sounds so simple. Will have to give it a try.

I think Opus and Nello could be great friends. He also likes to sit on a chair and sniff out our pasta dishes (he loves anything with ragu). He is such a good cat that he NEVER trys to steal any. He just likes to have a look. Roscoe on the other will swipe whatever he can get his dirty paws on!


Johnaesthetica said...

Salvatore, I'm afraid, does the same thing as Nello (sitting at the dinner table, all gentlemanly-like). Though, Sal likes to take a swat at whatever is in front of him, or climb onto the table to further investigate something that smells good.

Pasta seems tasty and simple. Will definitely give it a try.

Delina said...

I'm wondering when Nello will start his own blog.... A culinary blog perhaps...?

Jeff Gromen said...

Nello is good at the table but while I'm eating he's raiding the kitchen to see if there is anything still there.

Nello is still too busy sleeping and wrestling with Mara to go into blogging.


Texas Espresso said...

that is a really cute picture. made me laugh! Pasta looks good and easy - thanks for the recipe.

Tracie B. said...

oh, cantalupi! i know that wine...yum :)