Wednesday, March 21, 2007

News and Nostalgia

I’m a little pissed today. You have to be living under a rock in Italy not to know about the Italian reporter that was kidnapped in Afghanistan by the Taliban. He was released a few days ago unharmed and so there is a happy ending to the story. But there is more, so much more, that really angers me. In the Italian news they were covering the story very closely and it was revealed that between 3 and 5 Taliban prisoners were set free as part of the deal to release Daniele. You, my English speaking readers, don’t know that because I didn’t see that fact in ANY of the major English reports on his release (I did find it mentioned in an Australian newspaper online). Surely this is an important part of the article. Italian journalist traded for the release of Taliban prisoners. I wonder what else isn’t getting translated into my native tongue. By the way, one of released prisoners has already released a statement saying he can’t wait to start fighting again. It just burns me when I think I’m being told the truth and I’m not. I see that the Corrier della Sera decided to translate this article into English for everyone. The link to the Corrier della Sera to the left will take you there.
On a lighter note, I was hit by nostalgia last night. I picked up an old CD to listen to while I cooked and set in motion a string of thoughts. The CD was the 92.3 WTTS Collector’s Edition Volume 2. 92.3 WTTS is a radio station that I listened to A LOT in Indianapolis. I loved their mix of songs so around Christmas they would put together some of the best songs of the year on a CD and sell it for charity. They wouldn’t be the most popular songs of the year. I think it was just the best they could get from the artists for charity. This particular CD was from 1996 and that got me thinking about that year. Then it occurred to me that it was March of 1996 when I moved from Cincinnati to Indianapolis. It was my first big move of my life even if it was only 2 hours up the road. And it was a temporary move because when I moved from Cincy to Indy it was for a 2-year contract job and ended up staying for 9 years. Now I’ve moved to Italy for a 3-year contract job and I’m in the 4th year. What could that mean? It deserves the old “Who would have thought?” And the question to you the reader, where were you in March of 1996?
Here are some of the songs on the CD to jog your memory:
Spacehog – In the Meantime
Joan Osborne – One of Us
Natalie Merchant – Wonder
Cowboy Junkies – A Common Disaster
Hootie and the Blowfish – A Fine Line (they were on their way out by 1996)
Jars of Clay- Flood
Deep Blue Something – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I looked up what the number one song of 1996 was, but I couldn’t bring myself to put it in my blog.


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Ok Jeff, I won't put it in your blog either, but just so you know, I checked (I'm just too curious of a person) and what I found was definitely NOT blog-worthy, I second you on that one. I was in my 2nd yr. of college that year, but I don't remember that song, if it was the one you found too... something about a band with a Roman numeral in it?

I'm so ignorant about following the news here and I know it's shameful, but it gets me so down. I end up feeling helpless and angry, so I'm in complete denial.

Annika said...

ok I'll say it: MACARENA!

I prefer Bailando though. A much better song... but boy have I had much fun to those two!!
Don't forget all the britpop - not sure how big it was in the US at the time though - but Oasis? Pulp? OMD? Blur? Oh the memories...
1996 was a fine year. One of the best.

Jeff Gromen said...

Annika there wasn't much Brit Pop back then just Oasis, I think. Blur was maybe a 1 hit or 2 hit wonder.
I like trying to get the news from a different prespective. When I first got the BBC I thought it was so interesting to see how they reported stories from the US. Now I like comparing Italian reports to English. I agree the news only gets you down. Sometimes I wish I wouldn't read so much.


Jeff Gromen said...

I see that today, finally, CNN is carrying the story of the prisoner swap. I wonder if they had to wait for the Corriere della Sera to translate it for them?

dana said...

oh - deep blue something. that really brings back memories! Actually I think I still have their CD in my collection somewhere, so I guess I don't have to go too far back!

I hadn't heard one word about that story before today and I usually check in on 3 or 4 news sites online daily - how disturbing.

As for 1996 - An excellent year. My fourth year of film school, so I was most likely extremely sleep deprived, loaded up on caffeine and working on some horribly depressing student film!

Cynthia Rae said...

I have a lot of mixed emotions about his one. I am happy that the reported came home, but was his life worth that of four (or five) Taliban members? After all, HE went to THEM for an interview. Now I am not saying he deserved what he got, but it was a stupid thing to do.

Funny you moved to Indy in 96. I went in 97 and it was also my big first move. I needed a change in my life (after a bad break up). And so I quit my job and headed to Indy (I was raised two hours north in Ft. Wayne). I had no friends or family there at the time or a job. So it was a pretty big deal. I who knew that THAT move wouldn't turn out to be my biggest!

Funny to think we were both living there at the same time (and now we are both here). Maybe we even ran into each other, ever hang out at the Slippery Noodle?


Jeff Gromen said...

You've probably seen the story now!

I didn't go to the Noodle much but I should of. Only now do realize how cool it was. A friend of mine was working the door for while. We called him "moose". Last I heard he was working the door of the Martini bar close to the circle. I distinctly remember seeing Matt "Guitar" Murphy from the Blues Brothers playing there one night. I have his autograph on a Slippery Noodle napkin somewhere. I also had a friend who was an EMT and worked at the Zoo with me.

It's agreed then 1996 was a good year!


GotDebt said...


Found your blog because I am actually searching for some of the WTTS Collectors Editions. 1996 was a great year. Was 26 at the time. I was hanging out at the Chatterbox at that time. BTW, the 1997 volumes and later started to feature a lot of in studio acoustic versions of acts that came into town. Vol. 3 1997 had Sister Hazel "All For You" in studio on it. That's the one I am hunting for. Good luck.