Monday, March 12, 2007

Nothing to Blog about

Well this weekend was very different than last. There was a concert at Goblins Friday night, there wasn’t an armed robbery anywhere, and the weather was lousy. So there isn’t anything to write about or good photos that were taken. I knew I should have gone to Rome this weekend. One of these days I’m going to jump on the Friday afternoon train and go to Rome for the weekend. At least that’s what I keep saying I’m going to do. I wish I had more for you and my sister is probably going to give me crap about nothing in the blog. Sorry sis.
Maybe I could use this time to try to explain this strange 8 sided castle (with 8 sided towers) near Bari that also appears on the 1 cent piece in Italy. Boh!


Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

If/when you jump that train, don't forget to look me up! You can't come to Rome without grabbing a coffee with me... you know we Italy bloggers have got to stick together. ;-) Maybe someone will think you're that guy from Le Iene and ask you for an autograph. My photographic evidence of you is limited so this is my main point of reference for the moment...

Glad to hear there weren't any armed robberies this weekend. Relief!!

nikinpos said...

8 sides? Maybe they just wanted to have every angle covered in the event of an attack?

Johnaesthetica said...

Ah, Castel del Monte. We learned a bit about it in a class recently. A lot of my advisors told me to go check it out.

Also, on "Francisco's Italy" on the Travel Channel (yeah, i'm lame, but if I can't live in Italy I can live vicariously through others- like you for instance!) they had a clip about it. But there was some sort of blooper, because they prefaced it with a big, ominous introduction, and then skipped past the castle itself, and talked about Calabria.

I was mad.

Jeff Gromen said...

I'll be sure to let you know and I'll wear my "Blues Brothers" suit so people will give me star treatment. This weekend is out because a friend is having a "laurea" party. Can't miss a "laurea" party.

That would seem a good explanation but like John hinted there is much more written into the dimensions, angles verses the sun, and etc etc. Sometimes I plan to comment on your blog but you have so many readers that I fear someone will miss that I'm joking. Carlo's problem at work is not unique at all.

When are you coming over? I would like to go back up to castle when it's warmer. I'll tell you this. The castle is on a line from the great pyramids in Egypt to Stonehenge in England and it is exactly in the middle of these two monuments.