Monday, March 05, 2007


Moving on from the problem fill Friday. Saturday was much better. I fixed the digital camera. I took it apart and put it back together and now it works. I swear this camera seems to have nine lives. Yes I had a few parts left over and yes it makes many strange grinding noises whenever the lens moves to focus or zoom but it does work. So I decided to take it with me shopping Saturday morning while it's still with us.

The first stop is always Pierluigi at the Caffé Porta Napoli across the street fom my apartment for a caffé or cappuccino and maybe a cornetti or a rustico. In the summer I can hear him rattling the little ceramic cups and saucers through the windows. It's one of those things that I miss if I'm not here.

The second stop is almost always Cosimo and his sister (Lori what is her name!) for fruit and vegetables. He always has a wide variety and she is always ready to clean any vegetables I plan to eat for lunch that day.

Next stop is Cosimo (I’m not making this up) the butcher. His son Massimo wasn’t there Saturday morning so it’s just the father in this photo. I often meet Massimo and his girlfriend, Elizabetta in the Big Ben. It seems that Cosimo was quite a soccer player in his day. He played for the local team back when players played for the glory of their town, not for the money. In his place is the first time I saw ground beef being made. You can almost see the machine behind him where he cranks the handle to grind it up. No coloring or wondering what's in the hamburger.


Lori said...

Lena. I didn't know it was his sister. I just thought it was his wife. oops.

Lori said...

I had a oral presentation in my Italian class today and my partner and I were interacting in various shops. To get a true feeling of things we were going to have photos on the screen via video projector, etc. We were going to use a picture of Cosimo and his fruit stand but we couldn't get the computer to read my partners flash drive. bummer because my whole class missed out on Cosimo and his fruit stand.

Jeff Gromen said...

I always thought it was his wife too. But he clearly said mia sorella will do this or that.