Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What's on the agenda?

Sunday I had lunch with a fellow bloggers and Expats who live up in Umbria. Very interesting to speak English and talk to someone “like me”. I’ll be interested to see their report on Puglia in general. I have to apologize to them because I didn’t warn them about how the Pugliese give directions. In my defense I assumed that all of Italy gets by with really bad directions. That’s one of the reasons why people drive the way they do. Someone gave them really bad directions.

Tomorrow is my first trip to a dentist in Italy. Usually I wait until I’m back in the States but around Christmas I found that there is an English dentist that practices in Martina Franca. I’m going to give him a try. He’s probably very good at removing coffee stains from teeth if he works here in Italy. I hate going to the dentist but my company also doubled the cost of health insurance so I feel I need to get my money’s worth. How ironic that by them trying to save money and screw me, now leads me to the dentist to screw them. Did I mention that they failed to ask if I wanted a new program and no choice given? Also from what I’ve read I see absolutely nothing better about this plan.

I’ve been cleaning the apartment this week so that can only mean one thing. I have someone coming for a visit. She’ll be here Thursday and I haven’t seen her in years so this is a little nerve racking (ok, more than a little). I’m always worried that people coming to visit me will not have a good time and this is no exception. I’m not sure that she’ll want to be in the blog so I won’t mention her by name but I’ll ask her to make a guest blog before she goes. Unless she doesn’t have a good time in which case…


Anonymous said...

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Cynthia Rae said...

Jeff, Which bloggers did you meet up with? I have made a lot friends thanks to the blogs!

Have fun with your friend. I know how you feel, everytime someone comes for a visit I feel like I have to show them a great time. I sure she will have fun, enjoy!

Lori said...

jeff. where are you?


Jeff Gromen said...

I met Judith (aka in Judith in Umbria or Think on it!) and her friend Alyson (sp?) but I don't know if she has a blog. Judith has written a lot about Puglia in her blog recently. It was interesting to see that she was how I expected her to be from what I've read in her blog. Now it's nice to a have a voice to go with what I'm reading.


Judith in Umbria said...

Notice how diplomatic Jeff is? Alison and I were obsessed with food and wine. Jeff was practically our only detour from the obsession. and he was good. I give him an A.