Monday, April 16, 2007

First Visitor of 2007!

So I’ve been off running around for over a week. Now I have too much to write about and a ton of photos! I can’t decide if I should put up the good postcard type photos or post the ones that help tell the story of what we did. I guess I’ll start with a very quick summary so you know what to look forward too.

Thursday- arrival, a tour of few churches in Brindisi, dinner at La Sciabica.
Friday- Matera and Miglionico, hike to the bottom of the gorge of Matera
Saturday- Otranto and the road to Santa Maria di Leuca
Sunday- Easter Lunch with Puglia Uncovered crowd and a breeze past Ostuni
Monday- Lecce and Ugo’s house, then the beach
Tuesday, Wednesday – Venice
Thursday, Friday – Rome
Saturday- Egnazia, Alberobello, and Valle d’Itria
Sunday- Relaxing!!!

I have to say it was very nice having her here. Every day there was at least some part of the day where we did something new to me. I’ll explain better in the day-to-day stuff but I've been almost everywhere around here so it's nice to see I can still find new and interesting things close to home. I think she will agree that Friday and Saturday we had a great time exploring around Puglia (and a little into Basilicata). I have to thank her for bringing back Spring. The weather was amazingly nice every day. It seems all the rain we have had was so that the countryside would be green and covered in wildflowers. I don’t think the photos capture how nice it was but I'll let you see as we go. There was one picture we never managed to find. We never did find the field of red poppies that I was sure we would come across. There were some, but never a solid field of red. You can't have everything!
The photo is of the Cappella Sistina (Sistine Chapel) and no it's not a postcard!

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