Monday, April 23, 2007

One night in Roma

This picture of Natalie at the Trevi Fountain fits right in with the news from the weekend. It seems a woman from Milan about 40 years old got naked and went for a swim in the Trevi Fountain at around 2:00 in the afternoon yesterday. Now, we didn’t have nearly that much fun at the Trevi Fountain. At this point I was telling Natalie to “look healthy” for the picture. She was feeling sick, our hotel was a dump, and Rome was just too chaotic after being in Venice. We decided to only spend one night in Rome and just see the main sights and the Vatican Museums then head back to nice and comfortable Brindisi.
Going back on Friday was not as easy as it should have been. There was a train strike that day. I was wondering when I would finally get caught off guard or at the mercy of the numerous strikes in Italy. There was a huge line at the Trenitalia counter so I talked to a travel agent. She very happily said there were no trains to Brindisi today and we would have to come back tomorrow. I resigned that she was right but Natalie could see an air of ignorance in the travel agent so we went to the Trenitalia line. The line moved quickly as they told people left and right that they were screwed. When we got up to the counter I asked the guy what was the best train to get to Brindisi after the strike was over. He said there was a Eurostar at 15:30 today. I did a double take because the strike goes until 17:00. How can this be? He just said that train wasn’t affected by the strike so we bought 2 tickets and went about doing a little more exploring before the afternoon train left.
It was then that I realized how many times Natalie was right during this trip. She was right about a lot of things. Maybe it wasn’t that she was right so much but she has a better B__S___ radar, I’ll call it. She could tell the travel agent didn’t really know what she was talking about and there were several times where she could tell I was full of BS. It just reminds how much I go along with the flow if I don’t have someone else there to question things and change my course once in a while. I think that’s why it was so good that she came over and mixed things up for me.


Michellanea said...

Oh, man, I'm the exact opposite! My BS-meter works overtime. I can spot BS a mile away (and even where there is none!). I too would not have accepted the travel agent's explanation. I'm never satisified in Italy until I've heard five conflicting versions and then I feel I have the "overview" of the situation. Sounds like a good if "movimentato" trip!

Jeff Gromen said...

I don't know what I was thinking. Even my own BSing isn't very good these days.