Friday, April 20, 2007


Well I wrote up a big thing about our trip to Venice but it was so long I thought I’d just do something short and sweet.
The train ride from Brindisi to Venice is hellish! The last two hours of that 12-hour trip seemed to go on forever. I recommend the hotel we had in Venice (Palazzo della Scala or something like that). The guy at the front desk was friendly, the breakfast was great, and the location perfect. The energy drained by the train returned after we dropped off our backpacks at that hotel. We had a great day of walking when we first arrived. Hitting all the outdoor attractions as the weather was perfect, only going inside San Marco. Then the second day was spent mainly doing boat trips. Murano and Burano by vaporetto and then the classic gondola ride. I was a little nervous getting photographed by everyone while we were in the gondola. I could never make it as someone famous. Not much to say except we had a great time except that Natalie was starting to feel a little sick. It may have been a combination of the train ride and boats but she got through while were in Venice but Rome would be another story. More on that next week. Most of my photos now seem pretty generic for Venice. Maybe I'll post more another time.


marco russo said...

jeff...everyday there is a flight from brindisi to venice...mannaggia a te!!!

Anonymous said...

Tell us more....

how have you been?


Jeff Gromen said...

Cazzo! Ogni giorno! Pero, abbiamo deciso per Venezia lunedi sera.

I'm fine. How are you?


Dana said...

The pictures and stories of your trip are great.

Don't edit yourself though! Put up the long stories of your trip. Those of us who don't get to live in Italy love the details! :)

Jeff Gromen said...

I didn't even finish the long version but maybe I will someday. I also figured it was too touristy and not really about living in Italy.