Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Under the Theater

This is the picture of the underside of the theater that I promised. All the lights are not on so you can’t see much and there is an elevated walkway inside the fence that gets in the way of taking a photo. I have the camera right up against the fence, but that's te best I can do until I get in there again. If you look to the right in the ceiling there is a big rectangle and that’s so you can see the ruins from the waiting area of the theater.
Tomorrow is San Valentino and I have no plans, except to go to the gym as usual. Yes, of course I’ve met some really nice Italian women, some just this year, but even if they aren’t with a guy, I later find out that’s only because their boyfriend lives up North. Or they live up North and they are just down here for holiday. There just aren’t many single women my age here. And by single I mean single. They may technically be single because they aren’t married but they’ve been going out with same guy for 5 years or so and it’s a given that they are engaged and they will get married, sometime. Marco when are you going to get married, in 2008?
On the news front, the former mayor of Brindisi is in jail again and it’s for corruption and bribery charges again! This time it’s a little more personal. I’ve been a part of the protests (see the Littlest protestor) against the Rigassificatore that they have started building here in Brindisi. Now the mayor, one of his friends, and 3 British Gas Employees have been arrested because, how do you say it nicely, there was a lack of planning required to build this new plant in Brindisi. So will this finally be the death of the plant. We’ll see. I thought it was strange to see the current mayor, the president of the region, and everyone else against this plant at the protests and yet still it was being built. I guess the old mayor signed up for some dubious contracts that are hard to break.

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