Tuesday, February 20, 2007


This photo is from the Carnevale parade in Putignano, but last year. I didn’t go this year as I heard the floats weren't that good this year. Last year the floats were great because gas prices were high and the election was right around the corner so all the floats were poking fun at these two things. In the first picture the Italian public is the donkey and it’s being squeezed by high gas prices. The big blue thing is diesel.

In the second we see Silvio Berlusconi and Prodi being cooked up together. I'm not sure of the significance of the jester character doing the cooking. Help me out Marco!

I was amazed at the complexity of the floats. You wouldn’t believe how the donkey and everything moved. I should have taken a video.
Speaking of videos. I’ve been trying to get a few videos up on my Youtube site but the line keeps dropping before I can get them done. I did manage to get one very short video of the cats up. So check out salentojeff on Youtube.

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