Monday, February 26, 2007

Good News, Bad News

Ok Sister, I’ll make an update. There is good news and bad news. Bad news first, I guess. Mara found a new toy the other night. It was the wrist strap of my digital camera. The game ended when I saw her dragging it off my desk. Naturally I was just in time to see the camera fall with a thud on the tile floor. The camera is really broken. I haven’t taken it apart to see what I can do with it but I think this time is really the end. It’s part of the engineer code that anything broken must be taken apart. Hey, it’s already broken so taking it apart can’t hurt anything. The camera was old and was already on it’s last legs as I’ve dropped it a few times so this is not all the cat’s fault. But this means that this space may not have as many photos in the future. The decision for new camera is going to be long and hard. I still haven’t decided between a real SLR digital to get good photos or another pocket camera that’s easy to carry around.
Cosimo making a pizza!
The good news is the camera was sitting out because I had just got home with a pizza. I brought the camera to the pizzeria and made a short video of Cosimo making pizzas. Nobody is watching my videos on Youtube so I’ll try a different slant. I thought maybe people would enjoy seeing him do what he has been doing for years. I took several videos and decided that I would need a step-by-step approach: 1. working the dough, then 2. Dressing the pizza, and 3. Cooking in their wood-burning oven. My original idea was no commentary, as I just wanted it to catch the “usual” happenings in the pizzeria. If someone comes in and yells ciao then that’s part of the video. No staging or setting up scenes. I’m not a movie director so it would probably be crap if I tried to set it all up. Cosimo and Maurizio have both approved the video. So now you can experience the best pizzeria in Brindisi online. More to come, I hope.
While you're on Youtube look at the other videos. Some people have seen my video driving around Brindisi. Isn’t it exciting? I have KissKiss playing on the radio. I pass an Ape in the first 10 seconds! Keep in mind this video is going towards town and it ends as I approach Porta Lecce. I plan on doing another in the historic center of town if anyone wants to see it!!!
How’s that sis?!


Lori said...

Thanks Jeff, Now I'll go check out your videos.

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Ciao Jeff! Personally I loved your first installment in the pizza making process. Throwing the dough...I am always amazed at how they can do this! It's cute at the end when someone says "Ma quella è una videocamera?" They just realized after nearly 2 minutes? ;-) Will stay tuned for the next episode!