Friday, February 09, 2007

Star Trek World

I knew it!! The world is getting a little closer to Star Trek EVERY DAY!! Nobody can look at a flip phone and say it doesn’t look like a communicator for the original Star Trek Series. Then you have blue tooth devices that look incredibly similar to the communicator pin that they wear in the newer shows. I could go on and on but I want to talk about this!!

Look at this new beauty; they call it the “Cellular Book”, which has my plans for an iPhone on hold. This is what I really want… almost. The current version is only black and white and good and can only do still pictures. It’s being sold as kind of virtual book/phone/web browser. Of course a color version that can show videos is in the works. The secret is a flexible screen that rolls up. This has always been my pet peeve with the devices we have, the screen size. I thought the iPhone was the best because they make almost the whole phone the screen, so the pictures and video are as big as possible. This goes one step beyond. The screen is now bigger than the phone you put in your pocket. I can’t remember what they called it, but in Star Trek they had a device just like this. It was like two ends of a scroll that they pulled apart with to reveal a screen. And like the Star Trek version this screen is a touch screen, so there are no buttons on the case. TIM (Telecom Italia Mobiliare) is going to release this phone here in Italy first this summer and polymervision will introduce in other countries but I have to wait a little longer for the color version, but it’s nice to know we are getting closer. Soon I’ll have a widescreen video player/phone/mp3 player/navigator/web browser all the size of about 2-marker pens in you pocket. Yes I love new technology, when it works.


Sofia said...

..Gosh must tell my husband and 6 year old son who loves Star Trek
(as you undestand my husband also are he likes Star Trek)

/Sofia in Sweden who finally started a blog..

Jeff Gromen said...

welcome to the blogging world. I found some people are working on a "cloaking device" like star trek while I was looking for the photo I used.


Sofia said...

...thanks.for the welcome...nice to be out here in the space...:-)

Cynthia Rae said...
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Cynthia Rae said...

I watched a show called "How Star Trek Changed the World" with host (who other than) Captian Kurk! It was really interesting!

Now if we could have just figured out how to get Scotty to beam us up, we wouldn't have missed the party in Indy when the Colts won the Super Duper Bowl!
ps.Glad to hear that your cat is feeling better!