Thursday, February 15, 2007


I wanted a romantic sunset photo to go with my Valentine’s Day wrap-up. I don’t think I’ve ever posted this one before. The day was pretty good overall but was romance in the air, maybe?
Valentino started the day off right because he brought in cornetti and pasticciotto for everyone at work to celebrate “his” saint. We had gone OVER a week with nobody bringing in cornetti. I think I was the last one to do this and that was after the Super Bowl. You know the Colts won that!!
After work I came home to find a red envelope in my mailbox. I did receive a card! As it turns out it was from the most important woman in anyone’s life, mom. Grazie mamma!!! My mom must know the Italian mail system by now because the card arrived smack dab on Valentine’s Day! Then off I went to the gym like every other Wednesday. I was in a good mood as most of us there shared sob stories on how we didn’t have anything planned. I didn’t expect many people to be there but it was pretty much the usual crowd.
On the way home I stopped to get a pizza, considering the day, I went for a “baciami subito”, which means “kiss me now”. The reason is clear because this pizza has two toppings, onions and garlic. It’s divine and maybe the reason I was alone last night. I think even the cats stayed away. The onions and garlic are sliced very thin so that the short time the pizza is cooking is just enough for them to lose their bite but retain a lot of flavor. Oh, the smell alone is soooo good. When I entered “Il Antico Sapore” I noticed immediately that this was no ordinary night for the restaurant business. The pizza place was buzzing with activity and I was there at 20:30! Maurizio said he had the whole place booked solid with reservations so as I waited for my pizza he turned away group after group of hungry couples. I would not be surprised if every restaurant in town was booked solid. Then as I went to leave Antonio was rushing out the door like I’ve never seen and he had a massive amount of pizzas to deliver. I don’t think the holiday is a card-giving day like in the US but flowers, candy, and eating out are definitely part of the celebration, probably more so than the US.
At home I had my iPod going through the radio for music. Have any of you had your iPod possessed lately? I have it on shuffle songs (brani casuali! It’s in Italian) and some really good random songs have been coming up. Everything from Rage Against the Machine to classic Tom Petty to Vasco Rossi was coming up. I remember Susan Tedeschi’s version of “Security” was one of the songs that came up last night. You have to love the line, “Your love’s alright baby, but I can’t spend it at the grocery store. I need some security.”
After the gym and a good pizza my energy runs out pretty quick, which is just as well because tonight there is live music at Big Ben. Today I feel I can stay out late. I hope they have blues tonight. I haven’t heard a good blues band for a while.

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