Tuesday, February 06, 2007

True Story, Fake Names (to protect the innocent?)

First food. The photo is of a Carnevale delight called "chiacchiere" which also means gossip in Italian. I just wanted a photo for this blog and I really like this fried dough sugar coated delight.
I meant to blog this story a while ago. It’s a funny story about my coworkers and to protect their identities I will use fake names. Also keep in mind I’m getting the story from Marco’s side. So here it goes:
Marco (not his real name!) is always making copies of CDs and DVDs as it’s sort of a passion for him. They haven’t made something he can’t copy, so he claims. Gianni (not his real name!) is VERY CHEAP (I can’t remember the last time he bought a coffee for anyone) so getting bootleg copies is a way of life for him. So Gianni goes over to his girlfriend’s house to have a nice romantic movie night with his new bootleg DVD made by Marco. Everything was set up so nice with candlelight, food, and the parent’s out of the house. They put in the DVD and settle into the couch. About 12 minutes into the movie the picture locks up. Gianni calls Marco to tell him how angry he is about the stupid DVD not working and asking for advice on what to do at the same time. Marco promises to check his copy and see if there is anything that can be done and call him back. So Gianni fiddles around with the DVD player at his girlfriend’s house while Marco checks how the “original” works at his house. About 15 minutes later Marco receives a call from Gianni and Gianni is even more upset this time.
“What’s the problem?” asks Marco innocently.
“This is all your fault!” Yells back Gianni and commences to go on and on.
It seems that while Gianni was working away at the DVD player at his girlfriend’s house his other girlfriend in Rome calls. Now evidently Gianni would normally have his cell phone on vibrate while at his girlfriend’s house to prevent this type of “interruption”. This time he forgot to change the setting with the distraction of the DVD malfunction and the promise of Marco’s return call. So there he is on the phone with one girl while the other is within earshot. Evidently he couldn’t talk his way out of it and was busted by both girls. Marco fails to see how this is his fault. I too, don’t know how Marco is at fault here but sometimes logic doesn’t make sense. Then Marco pressed further to find what happened to the DVD. Gianni comes back that none of the DVDs would work (even originals) so it seems there is something wrong with the DVD player.
What is the moral of the story?????


Lori said...

That is too funny. or sad. I don't know which. Tell "gianni" it's karma that he had problems with the dvd.

Annika said...

Frankly, I don't think that neither Marco nor the pirate DVD is to blame. You shouldn't have two girls at the same time, that's the key here. We will find out, one way or the other, and in every case you're the one to blame.

Not meaning you of course, but Gianni. I'm assuming that you're not Gianni, right? Sure I know that in most stories starting with "I have a friend.." it's yourself you're talking about, but I still don't think you're Gianni. And now I should shut up before I have said too much. ;)

Jeff Gromen said...

No way this is me. The thing that gives that away is that I would NEVER call someone for help with a DVD and the player. That's worse than asking for directions when lost!
I would fix it myself even if meant all night cursing and then getting a hammer and sending the DVD player to....


Annika said...

... but you ARE featured in the story? Hm. You must be the girlfriend in Rome then. :D

I wouldn't call for help either. No way. Fact is that I f-ed up the xbox last week and it's still not working but I have still not asked anyone for help. Sometimes pride can be a bad thing.

Delina said...

I remember a Marco commenting on here... Is it him? Bet it is :)